A Case of the “What If’s”

Well, I caught myself doing it again today; having a good old fashioned worry festiganza! Yes, I know I should know better but tell me ladies haven’t we all found ourselves here more times than we’d like to admit? While we know that the Bible tells us that God will provide for our needs, some days that’s easier said than done. Can I get an amen!

There I was sitting at my desk at lunch reviewing our monthly budget, never a good idea to do at work by the way. It all started with the sad reality that no matter how matter how financially savvy my husband and I are there was is now way at least right now that we could afford for me to be a stay at home mom. Then, my thoughts wandered on to questions like how much would my hospital bill be? Did we have enough saved up to cover it? I knew we already had money set aside for our little bundle of joy, but suddenly, it just didn’t feel like it was ever going to be enough. Isn’t it funny how money always makes us sweat around the collar? Then I realized that I wouldn’t have enough PTO saved for my maternity leave and would go unpaid for a month. OMG! Fully mommy panic mode just set it, and life just got real!

Before I knew it, I found myself sitting at my desk fighting back the tears all because I caught a case of the “What If’s.” I prayed and asked God to please ease my worry and help me accept whatever path He has chosen for me. Suddenly, I remembered how Jesus said in Matthew 6:34 “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” As I repeated this verse over a few times in my head, I thought, ‘Well, ain’t that the truth!’ I laughed at how silly I had been to allow myself to spin such a fit of worry about a bunch of ‘What If’s’ that were six months away. Who knows where life will be in five minutes or tomorrow much less months from now? Instead, I switched my focus to more pertinent matters of the moment, like what else I was going to eat for lunch after I had devoured my sandwich. Now, that’s a legitimate concern for a pregnant woman don’t you think?

© Lena Wright 04/03/2017

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