I’ve been a writer pretty much since I could string a few words together on a piece of paper. My first love was poetry; I used it to express my deepest emotions. It was my form of a journal I suppose for many years but as my love of literature grew so did my writing. By the time I was in High School, I had begun writing short stories. After graduation, I stopped writing for many years as I became too busy with college, work, and eventually marriage. 

In my mid to late twenties, however, after sparking an avid interest in Biblical studies the urge to write was rekindled once more but this time my writing would take a different turn. In addition to writing poetry and short stories, I began writing devotionals expressing my relationship with God through my own life experiences. I wasn’t sure anyone would even listen to me, but now over two years later and over 300 followers I figure I must be doing something right.