The Lie I’m Glad I Told

The bible is very clear. “I shall not tell lies.”, actually that’s a line from Harry Potter but in all seriousness it’s one of the commandments. And while we’ve all told lies at some point in our life there’s one I’ll be forever grateful that I told.

As I think back on the time of my life of that bittersweet graduation season none of us really knew where I lives would end up. We sure thought we did though. As those final days passed us by and we signed the last yearbooks we made a promise. A promise that little did we know most of us would never keep. “We will always be friends!”, we cried as we hugged. Little did we know, that would probably be our last time speaking to one other.

God knew we meant well, but He also knew that for the majority of us at least, we lied. We lied because we would never call or hang out again. Never again would our nicknames ring out across a crowded hallway. Our paths were merely a small intersection on a long road ahead of us. It was vital for those few years to travel alongside one another for reasons only God knows. Those moments we shared last an imprint on our lives that each of us can carry with us as we look back and think of each other from time to time.

As I reflect back on my life, the things I’ve accomplished, and the obstacles I’ve overcome I realize I could never become the person God needed me to be if I had kept that promise. I might have never met my husband, traveled the world, or received my greatest blessing of all! My son Isaac. The twists and turns of life all hinged on a single lie. One that I will never regret telling.

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