Whispering Days

I am astonished that in just a few short months my sweet son will be turning two years old! I have to pinch myself when I think about how blessed I am. Not only do I have a son that God promised me, but I have the amazing opportunity to stay home with him each and every day. I am overjoyed every morning when I here the pitter patter of your little feet against the wood floor as you come racing down the hall. The sound of your sweet voice as you say the words, “momma” throughout the day. I even cherish the boo boo’s as I kiss them away because I know it means I’ll get a few extra moments of snuggle time.

You have taught me so much about myself dear son. Cleared the path for me to become the woman, the mother I was destined to become. Each new day is a distant reminder that this sweet stage of hugs and kisses and cuddles on the couch is limited. There will come a time when you no longer want those things from me and while I’ll be sad I will know I have been successful. Until then I will always be present and ready for the next game of peekaboo just so I can hear your sweet giggle fill my ears one more time.

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