What Happened to Those Moms?

Take a stroll through social media and blog posts and it doesn’t take long to notice a fast growing trend when it comes to mommies everywhere. It would appear writi5blog posts complaining about how much your children get on our nerves or have disrupted our daily routines of life are everywhere. Must be big business in whining about our kids. I’ve seen posts from mothers patronizing how stupid it is that they have to play pretend with their children or how they pooped and painted the floor with it.

Am I saying motherhood is easy? No. No I’m not but I am left wondering what happened to the moms that truly enjoy motherhood? That wake up every morning praising God for another day they get to spend with their little ones no matter what shenanigans they get into. Am I alone in my thought that every moment with my son, good or bad is a precious gift from God? And while I love a good mommy meme just a much as the next one I love my chaotic life with my adventurous, curious child ever so much more.

Let’s take the time to stop and look around and be thankful for what we have. Out there, somewhere, is a mom who would give anything to experience the very things we too often complain about.

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