What Stay at Home Mom’s Really Need to Know

When I made the decision to become a stay at home mom, I got a lot of weird looks from different people. Most of these people had never had children so obviously I understand why they could never relate. I had worked hard for the career I had built and was very successful. They just didn’t understand why I would give it all up to be a stay at home mom.

As women we have fought for equality for years. Our world has come a long way from Rosie the Riveter and the ‘Anything you can do I can do better.’ Mentality. As women today, we are pretty much doing the same things as me. We can vote, speak our minds without retribution, work full time jobs, own business, run for president, you name we’ve done it. And while I think that’s a great thing, I also feel a need to constantly remind people that it’s also okay if we don’t want all of those things.

I want for mom’s out there to know that it’s okay to give up their CEO status to be homemakers. It’s okay to give up your own paycheck to wipe snotty noses and kiss boo boo’s. It’s okay to want to give up your dream of being the first woman to do whatever for your sweet child that your world now resolves around. And there is nothing wrong with feeling the joy well up inside of you knowing you have a clean house and a hot meal for your husband when he gets home.


Maybe you’re not that mom and you think I’m crazy. That’s okay with me because I want you to know that it’s also okay to do all of those things I don’t want to do and still be a great mom! It takes all kinds of moms to make this world go around but don’t look down on one another for choosing something different than you. God has a different calling for each of us in this world and we are all doing our best to fulfill it. Be the next moms’ best fan not her worst enemy.

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