Deeper Still

Life was hectic. No…hectic wasn’t the word for it. What’s a bigger word for hectic? A quick google search reveals a slew of possibilities, but a few of my favorites are frenetic, rip-roaring, and zoo-like. The first big news came on January 14th when my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child. We were on cloud nine. By the time I came home from work, ate dinner, and took a shower I was way too tired for anything but bed. Most of my Bible studies were squeezed in somewhere between dinner and catnaps. Most of my prayer time was spent hugging the toilet bowl as I threw up whatever I had just eaten in past thirty minutes. Oh yeah, I guess this is a good time to mention that I had morning sickness something fierce.

The funny thing is I noticed that no matter how exhausted I felt I always managed to find time for work, chores, and my monthly nail appointments, but never quite found enough time to spend with God. After slipping in a quick prayer before bed one night, an interesting thought popped into my mind. What if I spent as much time and energy on my relationship with God as I did on all the other worldly things that seemed to take up my time?  How much I could accomplish for His kingdom? Just think about it, how easy is it for us to always make time for worldly things and yet when it comes to carving out time for God we can easily come up with a dozen excuses that get in our way.

So this past week, I asked God to help me make better decisions on how I am spending my time. A couple days later I got an email from our churches youth pastor asking if I would be interested in teaching our middle school students in Sunday School. I knew this was God’s answer to my prayer and yet almost immediately, those all too familiar excuses began swirling around in my brain. I am pregnant and tired, and it’s only going to get worse as the months go on. Summer is coming; am I going to have time for Sunday School Class? Work is hectic right now; will I be able to devote the time I need to prepare each week?

The truth is, there’s never really going to be a convenient time to fulfill God’s purpose in our lives, we have to make the time. I had asked for God’s guidance, and as usual, He didn’t disappoint. He delivered me an opportunity on a silver platter, but it was up to me to accept the challenge and make the commitment required to follow Him into deeper waters. I’m happy to say that I accepted the offer to become a Sunday School teacher and I couldn’t be happier! In just one short month it has blessed me more spiritually than I could have ever imagined. I now have even more reason to intentionally make time to pray and study God’s word.

Lena Wright. 07/08/18

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